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Geography Land Project

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This is a page to advertise a NEW community that just came out. We have oppened it under the water off the coast of Florida.There are many things to do in this are.There are three domes, one is residential one is buisness and the last is agricultural. There is a water filter witch provides water non stop for everyone. There is a power generator witch powers the domes and there is a sub bay for the transport to and from the domes.The transport in the subs are free and it is cheep so most people can afford it.There are no dangers in the domes exept having a great time with your family.

We have cocidered that we may biuld many places to go and then we thought of how we will travel from place to place,we thought of gas powered vehicles but that would polute the air so then we thought electric litlle vehcles that can fit four in the car just enough for a good size family.

This is what Our Lakes, Ponds and towns look like.